40+ Incredible Content Advertising Stats for 2019

Even though businesses have already been using some kind of content marketing for more than 100 years, the digital age has seen this kind of advertising strategy explode. Folks are now consuming more information than previously, and all content marketing stats show the trend is only going to continue to rise.

This indicates that:

Engaging marketing strategies will become a straight bigger priority for companies all over the world. A vast majority have previously adapted to the changing moments and now create numerous kinds of content to market their products. However, the possibilities still appear endless. New and emerging technology are constantly threatening to disrupt and alter the playing field, so no severe business can grow too comfy and risk getting left out.

To show you the real scale and importance of article marketing, we researched the most recent available data and pulled away the best facts & most telling marketing statistics regarding its effect on our world.

Top Statistics About Content Advertising 

    72% of marketing experts have reported that content material marketing provides quantifiable improved prospect engagement.

    Reports show that over 90% of marketers use digital articles to approach their customers.

    65% of marketers have a problem with creating engaging and Google-cherished content.

    Small businesses with weblogs get 126% higher lead development than smaller businesses without blogs.

    In 2018, 75% of entrepreneurs reported using tech to obtain insight in to the performance of their content.

Audience Behavior Statistics

1. 71% of B2B buyers consume weblog content during a purchase.

(Demand Gen)

This statistic represents a 5% increase in comparison to this past year, when 66% of surveyed people answered the question positively. It’s an enormous jump for an individual year, which indicates that customers are doing more product analysis than ever before.

2. Around 20% folks customers are mobile-only users.

(Pew Interest)

Optimizing your content for cellular devices is essential, specifically when you need to target younger viewers. The stats on content material marketing indicate a discrepancy between old and younger clients who are increasingly embracing smartphones for almost all their digital needs.

3. 66% of B2B customers strongly concur that businesses should make it simpler to access their content.

(Demand Gen)

While online marketers have certainly made strides in creating engaging articles for the clients to go through, it really is obvious there are still a great deal of problems with the services they provide. The most recent B2B content marketing trends, stats and insights indicate that smartly designed platforms with smoother consumer experience have an excellent chance to attract new customers in the coming years.

4. 26% of adults in America say they are constantly online.

(Pew Research)

The rise of smartphones has greatly affected the common time people spend on the web. Content marketing stats from 2015 display the number of adults in America who claimed to be online was 21%, which implies a constant upward trend. Actually, the newest research displays over 77% of adults go surfing at least one time a day.

5. 90% of customers are prepared to engage the salesperson previously in the purchasing process.

(CSO Insights)

Consumer relations are something that’s been pushed apart by big companies, which concentrate on AI-assisted self-services options without much connection with the buyer. That is in stark comparison with actual customer wants. What’s more, it could prove to be a huge advantage in content marketing efficiency for businesses that provide a more personalized service.

6. Mobile searches for “greatest” have become over 80% during the past two years.


According to content marketing stats for 2019, individuals are buying a growing number of via their cellular devices and becoming enthusiastic about research simultaneously. This is also true for items which at first glance may appear of less importance for some. In fact, for the reason that same period of period, searches for “best toothbrush” have become 100%, while looks for “best umbrella” have risen 140%.

7. 32% of US adults pay attention to podcasts monthly.

(Edison Research)

Overall, 20 million additional folks have listened to at least 1 podcast in comparison to last year’s numbers. Articles marketing facts display 90 million people are month-to-month listeners, while over 60 million adults pay attention to podcasts on an every week basis. This makes any system that host podcast content an ideal spot to incorporate new marketing strategies.

8. The common American listens to a lot more than 17 hours of online sound content each week.

(Edison Research)

The study shows the percentage of Americans who pay attention to online radio or stream sound content is continuing to grow from 33% in 2012 to an astounding 66% in 2019. For the very first time ever, over fifty percent the population has paid attention to an audiobook, proving how important this sort of content could be for marketers.

9. 40% of B2B buyers consume 3 to 5 pieces of content before calling the salesperson.

(Demand Gen)

The the majority of researched content types with regards to B2B shoppers are case studies, white papers, and weblog posts. Statistics in marketing display individuals are relying more on content material for his or her research, with the inclination to concentrate on content that targets ROI (Profits on Return) and business tactics.

10. Typically, people retain 10% of sound information after three times, but this amount grows to 65% if that information is paired with another image.

(Brain Rules)

For this reason most US marketers are pushing for more visual elements in their digital content. Actually, a lot more than 50% of B2B internet marketers believe creating visual content may be the priority of their digital online marketing strategy.

Content Marketing Strategy Statistics

11. 84.5% folks companies with at least 100 employees make use of digital content advertising strategies in 2019.


The quantity is slightly higher for B2B companies, as 87% will adopt digital content advertising this season. However, the growth price of adoption remains low in any event. In fact, the entire percentage folks companies that use this kind of marketing technique has risen by simply 1% in the past 2 yrs.

12. Online marketers who prioritize blogging initiatives are 13 times much more likely to see positive ROI.


It is no real surprise, then, that most marketers state weblog creation is their key articles marketing tactic. According to the latest online marketing statistics, weblogs are still probably the most shared types of content, despite the fact that video has surpassed it recently.

13. 63% of marketers intend to increase their YouTube marketing.

(Social Examiner)

As we said, video content material has become an important part of any serious online marketing strategy, so much to ensure that it’s prioritized by over 60% of marketing experts in America. With the recognition of YouTube and video streaming systems like Twitch, this number will go a lot higher within the next few years.

14. 96% of the very most successful content entrepreneurs believe their customers watch them since a credible and trusted reference.

(Content Marketing Institute)

B2B content marketing statistics such as this a single prove that the technique of gaining consumer trust by giving valuable information builds solid bonds and indicates long-term achievement. This approach is indeed prevalent that over 90% of top B2B online marketers choose their audiences’ information requirements before their company’s sales message.

15. 33% of B2C marketers possess a documented content online marketing strategy.

(Content Marketing Institute)

A documented content marketing strategy can be an invaluable asset to any business out there, but just a third of surveyed companies claimed to own it. 44% of the surveyed B2C businesses said that they had the strategy, just not documented, while 22% prepared to add it within the next 12 months.

16. 79% of B2C marketers use articles marketing to create brand recognition.

(Content Marketing Institute)

The second and third many common answers were building customer trust (67%) and educating the audience (65%). B2C content material marketing statistics just as before prove that marketers are significantly interested in using content online marketing strategy to create loyal customers.

17. By the finish of 2019, 80% of most internet visitors worldwide will be video.

(Media Post)

The study done by Cisco displays over 70% of customers globally watch digital video articles at least once a day time, with marketers spending $10 billion each year on digital video advertising. This amount is set to improve drastically as content online marketing strategy moves further toward video.

18. The common percentage of total marketing spending budget spent on content material marketing by B2B businesses is 26%.

(Content Marketing Institute)

Content Marketing Institute statistics display the gap between what the most and least effective B2B companies devote to content marketing is incredibly wide. The most successful internet marketers spend 40% of their advertising budget as the least successful ones spend just 16%, proving the true value of content marketing.

19. Content advertising strategies generate over 400% more leads per $1000 within thirty six months in comparison to paid search campaigns.


The study showed that, for moderate and large businesses, advertising costs dropped by 41% if they switched to content advertising. What’s more, the common customer acquisition price for a large business dropped from $108 to $64 per business lead when it switched to articles marketing.

20. Just 9% of B2C marketing experts believe their organization’s proficiency with the utilization of content advertising technology is on a specialist level.

(Content Marketing Institute)

A further 40% of entrepreneurs describe their organization’s proficiency because intermediate, so most businesses are needs to see early achievement with the technology.

General Content Marketing Statistics

21. Social media advertisement spending in 2019 is likely to be over $98 billion.


Creating well-optimized content for cellular is more essential than ever, since smartphones are overtaking the technology marketplace. Actually, only $20 billion in advertisement spending originates from desktop users in 2019, while an unbelievable $78 billion comes from cellular devices.

22. More than 7 million businesses use pay for traffic on Facebook.


Facebook remains the very best choice for marketers all over the world, whether for local businesses or big worldwide brands. Internet marketing statistics display the platform’s advertisement choices are getting older, with 2 million businesses using the tales feature to market their products in 2018.

23. In 2018, YouTube produced $3.6 billion in video ad revenues in America.


This represents an extraordinary 17.1% increase from 2017, even after numerous controversies with user demonetization and limited advertisement conditions that continue right now. Youtube ad revenue now accounts for 11% of Google’s general net revenue in America, which indicates that the business will likely do anything to ensure advertisers stay happy.

24. Instagram earned around $6.84 billion in ad income in 2018.


That is almost doubling the figures from the entire year before, where Instagram earned $3.64 billion in ad income. Content marketing statistics from 2018 prove that mobile advertisements have become increasingly more impactful. What’s more, Instagram is certainly rising to perhaps overtake its competitors as the very best social network for marketers.

25. 68% of B2C marketers used and developed interpersonal media stories to distribute content material.

(Content Marketing Institute)

Stories have grown to be the feature of choice for some B2C marketers, as they end up being the most effective method to activate the audience. Long-form articles, such as for example articles and guides, is currently at second spot with 57%, while video snippets will be the third most common approach to choice at 52%.

26. Pinterest earned in $755.9 million in all US ad revenues in 2018.


This represents a sharp increase in comparison to content marketing statistics from 2017, where Pinterest earned $472.8 million in ad revenue. This season, the company expects to move the one-billion indicate. With the continuous increase in users, it appears just like the best days of marketing on Pinterest are however to come.

27. 69% of B2C marketers increased their social press usage for content marketing in comparison to 2018.

(Content Marketing Institute)

The same study completed by this content Marketing Institute discovered that only 5% of surveyed online marketers decreased their use of social media for the reason that time period. 23% of internet marketers claimed their usage remained exactly like before.

28. 28.3% of most US marketing experts used Snapchat in 2018.


Statistics about content marketing display Snapchat is steadily increasing in the US marketplace, earning $660 million in advertisement revenue in 2018, which can be an 18.7% increase when compared to year before. Because the average Snapchat consumer opens the application 19 times a time, this makes it an ideal place for in-app advertisements.

29. Email marketing may be the most effective way to market your articles, with an ROI of $40 for each dollar spent.


As spam filters evolve and the amount of spam emails continues to drop to historic lows, advertising content material via email hasn't been as profitable since it is currently. Content marketing stats about ROI state 59% of B2B marketers condition email is their most reliable channel when it comes to revenue generation.

30. Videos put into email content can enhance click rates by 300%.


The same study also discovered that interactive email content qualified prospects to 73% upsurge in the click-to-open rate. Adding GIFs, computer animation, collapsable menus, and various other interactive features can result in higher engagement with this content and also increase revenues.

31. 57% of B2C marketers expect their articles marketing budget to go up in 2019.

(Content Marketing Institute)

What’s more, 29% of entrepreneurs who intend to increase their content advertising budget expect a rise of over 9%. Article marketing takes the lion’s share.

32. 54% of B2C content online marketers say their organization’s degree of content marketing is incredibly successful.

(Content Marketing Institute)

Of all businesses surveyed, an astounding 74% said their degree of success is greater than that of the prior year. Content marketing success stats show only 3% of internet marketers said these were somewhat less effective than in 2018.

33. 88% of online marketers are content with the ROI of their vdeo sales marketing efforts on social media.


Results from video content advertising statistics show 93% of marketing experts landed at least a single new customer directly due to their social media video content material. This type of content is becoming so essential that video creation abilities are increasingly being popular when hiring for a fresh marketing position.

34. 45% of consumers uncovered brands on social mass media through video ads.


This makes video ads the main way consumers discover brands, while suggestions from friends can be found in second place with 31%. Visible content marketing stats give third and fourth areas to Facebook Groups at 30% and sponsored influencer blogposts at 29%.

35. Long-form articles outperforms shorter content material by over 40%.


The research implies that Google favors pages with wealthy content. So, if you’re concentrating on blogging and articles marketing, it’s greatest to keep the word depend on your page above 2,000. Based on the content marketing SEO stats collected by QuickSprout, it appears like the perfect word count is someplace above 2,400.

36. 94% of B2B content gets zero exterior backlinks.


Backlinko’s study included over 912 million weblog posts. It’s a very clear indicator that building links through articles marketing is more challenging than previously. Businesses increasingly should do things like guest running a blog and HARO to get external links with their website.

37. This content marketing industry will end up being really worth $412 billion by 2021.

(The Drum)

The projected annual growth of the industry will be around 16%, which is defined to stand for an incremental growth of over $217.3 billion in the time from 2016-2021. Content advertising is already the simplest way to engage consumers, and the amount of companies using content advertising statistics to improve their providers is on a continuous rise.

38. 32% of companies are likely to outsource their digital advertising efforts.

(The Manifest)

Content marketing spending statistics display companies are increasingly outsourcing function because they simply lack enough time and expertise to control their marketing strategy in-home. Having a freelancer or off-site agency that's much more proficient in content marketing can be an invaluable asset.

39. 60% of entrepreneurs reuse content 2-5 situations but only 29% already have a strategy for doing this.


Repurposing older, successful content is usually a good strategy, so much to ensure that 45% of businesses make use of automated marketing repurpose because of their content regularly. The problem is, nevertheless, that generally there is no real technique to this, and lots of good possibilities for improvement get wasted.

40. 54% of customers want to discover more video content material from a brand or business they support.


Statistics about visual content advertising indicate an insatiable hunger for details. This represents an excellent opportunity for marketers, specifically those that produce quality video articles and impactful advertisements. This upward tendency will more than likely continue well into the upcoming, as video looks to be hugely more popular than it currently is.


The digital advertising industry is rapidly expanding and evolving right into a dominant force in the advertisement world.

However, we’re not really at peak level at this time. Most B2B and B2C online marketers have found it hard to meet up with the most recent technological advancements and customers’ rising standards. That is why industry trends are shifting to freelancers and outsourced firms for article marketing, and experts are in popular.

This is huge - the reality and marketing stats we gathered show a clear move toward cellular devices and video creation as the primary targets for digital advertising in the coming years. Visual advertising is set to see another big boom with emerging Augmented and Virtual Actuality gadgets. But for now, the primary focus lies on social networking stories and YouTube videos.

Important thing, the emergence of podcasts and audiobooks is definitely disrupting the older and tried advertising strategies. Their reputation has exploded in simply a few years. All of the content marketing stats we found indicate audio as a significant battleground between businesses wanting to attract new customers with their brands.


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