The Surge Guide. Firebug leader fight.

The Surge's Firebug is among the game's tougher fights. After moving all the toxic waste in region two, you will find a large room. Enter it and perfect The Match. Time to destroy the pesky robot you have been subsequent since the start of the game.

The boss begins out by hovering slightly above the bottom. It'll use its six separate hands as weapons. Much more likely than not really, the Firebug begins the battle by spinning and gradually floating toward you. Dodge aside until it stops.

Once you have a starting, lock onto a limb and hit it. Back again out as quickly as possible and put some range between you and the boss. Take care not to get as well greedy. Continue attacking the same arm until it collapses. The lock on will change to the joint now. Assault it until it breaks.

Repeat this process before Firebug only has three limbs remaining.

Once three limbs have already been removed, the Firebug will fly high into the airflow and situate itself. Points will go far faster right now, and the boss begins charging at you from over the space. This charge is usually lethal for lower armor types, so make sure to dodge it.

From here on out, use vertical strikes when attacking the boss. The rest of the arms are working to safeguard the central brain within the robot. Dodge the Firebug's attacks and take away the limbs as if you did before. Strike the fundamental mind whenever you can without getting too greedy.

During the period of the combat, the Firebug will try to smash you using its arms and body. It's flame jets are also very harmful. The boss will coat a location in flames or shoot a stream in your path. Avoid the fire no matter what by either steering clear of the boss or standing on top of it.

Once you have destroyed the mind, the Firebug will forget about it.


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