Premium Postpaid & Prepaid Numbers on Lazada

There are numerous sites online selling fancy VIP phone numbers from all carriers including Celcom, Digi, UMobile, Maxis, etc. The VIP numbers sold by websites from Google search results are definitely more expensive compared to similar quality numbers sold on marketplaces like Lazada.

The prices for the fancy numbers ranges from tens of Ringgit to thousands of Ringgit. There are 2 types of numbers sold for all carriers - postpaid and prepaid. One may purchase prepaid numbers and later port-out to another postpaid plan, and vice versa. Almost all numbers owned by local carriers are portable to other plans.

There are hundreds of sellers selling these numbers on Lazada. One may find more specific prepaid and postpaid numbers by refining the search terms entered, starting from "VIP phone numbers" in Lazada search box.

Example Search Terms;
VIP Prepaid Numbers
VIP Postpaid Numbers
VIP Digi Numbers
VIP Celcom Numbers
VIP Maxis Numbers

After purchasing, one may need to submit identification documents to the seller to register specific numbers. Postpaid subscription may require more extensive checks and registration. Many new network prepaid plans supports self-registration after the user has received the SIM-Pack.

You may visit Lazada here... 


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