CHUWI XPro 15.5" Review

 Today, I will review CHUWI laptops, which is another terrific Asian Brand which is making waves.

At the TOP of the range, they have the CoreBook XPro i5 Laptop, which has 15.6 inches screen, 8GB RAM, and 512 GB SSD. They claim it is a "Business Thin" Laptop which weighs only 1.8 KG.

The Body is made of Magnesium-Aluminium, which means it has a durable metal body, and it runs on Windows 10. It has a resolution of 1920X1080.

In this range, it has several other variations, but I guess these laptop specifications aren't that spectacular, just adequate for its Price Range.

In this segment, CHUWI has a 14 incher which is priced slightly lower.

At the time of writing , there are hardly any reviews for this model in Lazada - here 


Verdict: For a new China newcomer brand, priced at the low-end range, I would say this laptop will be appealing to budget conscious consumers where cost may be the main factor. With decent care, this laptop may last a long time, but the warranty is only one year. 




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